Roy E. Schremp has 45 Years experience in US Immigration. His extensive career began in the border patrol in Texas. After learning the ground roots of cross border challenges he was promoted to Special Agent with (USCIS) United States Citizenship and Immigration service, Investigating criminal and administrative violations of the Immigration and Nationality act.

Mr. Schremp was promoted to Officer in Charge in Louisville and subsequently District Director of USCIS, New Orleans District, including five states and over 350 employees and one federal prison.

After many distinguished honors and awards he moved into the private sector assisting attorneys, businesses and Individuals for 15 years with all US visa categories, providing expert advice, meeting with clients, charting appropriate courses of action in order to achieve their goals.

Mr. Schremp has travelled throughout the world giving lectures and talks from EB5 conferences and International corporations to small businesses and students.

He has worked extensively in all areas of the Immigration arena and brings a wealth of knowledge and skill for even the most complex of cases.



Global American Emigration Advisors, London, UK          Dec 2016 – Present

Owner / Advisor

With many years of experience on all sides of US immigration I set out to help Individuals, Businesses and Investors gain entry into the United States. I assist clients with all visa categories and consular processing.

  • Expert knowledge and experience with all visa categories
  • Application filings with correct supporting documentation

Dennis M. Clare Attorney, Louisville, KY                               March 2001 – Present

Immigration Advisor

Attorney Dennis M. Clare focusses his practice in immigration law and had been practicing for 35 years. I have been advising Mr. Clare during the last 15 years and have provided expert consultation regarding various immigration issues. I done audits, internal investigations and provided training programs as it pertains to the Employmer Verification Program, including document identification and preparation of the Employment Eligibility Form I-9;

  • Prepared applications to be submitted to USCIS
  • Assisted in preparation of appeals, motions to reopen and motions for reconsideration of denials.
  • Prepared appropriate responses to: RFE’s
  • Prepared cases for submission to worldwide US Consulates
  • Provided consultation to the listed major corporations; Hanor Company Inc, New Fashion Pork, U.S. v Tyson Foods
  • Conducted internal audit and provided consultation for Georges Inc during U.S. v employees of Georges Inc.

KOIT Regional Centre,  Louisville, KY                             January 2016 – April 2016

AISA Investment Advisors, Louisville, KY                     October 2014 – April 2016

MCFI Regional Centre, Louisville, KY                              July 2012 – October 2014


Director of Immigration

Regional Centers and Investment advisory groups all dealing with EB5 investments. I advised clients wishing to invest in the program.

  • Prepared applications for regional center designation
  • Prepared I-526’s and I-824’s submitted and all approved
  • Advised clients and explained immigration process
  • Assisted in determining appropriate level of eligibility for conditional permanent residence status and subsequent removal of conditions

Immigration and Naturalization Service                           February 1971 – February 2001

District Director

Officer In Charge

Supervisory Special Agent

  • May 10, 2000 to March 1, 2001 returned as the Officer in Charge of the  Louisville, Ky INS office until retirement on March 01. 2001
  • July 12, 1999 to May 10, 2000 – District Director, New Orleans, LA District Office. Responsible for the Supervision of the New Orleans, District which encompassed six (6) states, three (3) sub-offices, Sea Port, International Airport, and Dentention and Deportation Center
  • September 1, 1998 to July 12, 1999 Deputy District Director, New Orleans, LA District Office.  Reported to the District Director.  Responsible for the immmediate supervision of the Administration of the District along with the Investigations programs.  The overall supervisions of Immigration activities in six (6) states
  • August 10, 1998 promoted to Officer in Charge of the Louisville Office. Supervised personell within the Louisville, KY office, including, Investigations, Adjudications, and Deportation. This supervision included Special Response Units located in Bowling Green and London, KY
  • August 28, 1997 Promoted to Supervisory Special Agent at Louisville, KY. Supervised Special Agents assigned to the Louisville, KY office
  • August 28, 1988 Promoted to the position of OCDETF (Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force).  Assigned to the Louisville, KY office of the Drug Enforcement Administration where we investigated violation of the Narcotice laws of the U.S. and State of KY.  Participated in Wire Taps, Organized Crime investigation
  • April 10, 1977 transferred to Louisville, Kentucky as a Criminal Investigator/Special Agent. Conducted investigations of all administrative and criminal violations covered by the Immigration and Naturalization Act including Employment Verification Investigations
  • U.S. Border Patrol, Eagle Pass, Texas, Agent, February 27, 1971 – 1977