EB-5 Alternative

The great alternative to the the EB-5 investment where you must invest in an American project or business either $500,000 or $1,000,000, is the E-2 Investment Visa. This visa allows a foreign investor to open a new business, buy an existing business or enter a partnership in an existing business. There is no set amount of money for the investment it only must be substantial and not marginal. Although this visa does not grant the investor a “green card” (permanent residence) it does allow the investor to live and manage the business indefinitely. This visa also allows the spouse of the investor the authority to be employed in the U.S. throughout the duration of the life of the visa. There are no quotas attached to this visa and it may be possible to expedite the process. The spouse can work and the children attend schools.

To see more information regarding the E-2 Investment process please click on link here: E-2

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