H-1B Controversy

forex a6 jönköping öppettider There is certainly an attack on the H-1B visa by the President and members of Congress of the United States.

follow site After 46 years of being involved in the Immigration processes, 30 years with the Legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) this has always become an issue when unemployment is at a low.

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http://www.lahdentaiteilijaseura.fi/?siftifkar=b%C3%A4sta-bin%C3%A4ra-optioner-m%C3%A4klare&290=5d The H-1B visa has not always been at the center of controversy. There was a period when Congress authorized approximately 100,000 of these (persons of extraordinary abilities) and in fact during those years there was never sufficient applicants to expend those numbers.

source site The H-1B visa is a vital tool used by business to locate and employ the brightest individual to fill the position at hand as in some business category’s there are insufficient American workers to fill those positions; however, there has been manipulation by companies to employ certain individuals, I believe this is a minor issue. The main issue is allowing huge employment agencies being able to apply and receive hundreds of visas and then profit by farming them out to various businesses that have not shown the need directly to the government.

kett turton dating Don’t do away with the visa, we need to monitor and abide by the rules that were written when the H-1B came into existence. This is another issue that the guidelines need to be enforced so that there is a level playing field for the entire business community and disallow the employment agencies being able to obtain hundreds or thousands of these visas

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