EB-5 Foreign Investment Back Log!

In today’s confusion regarding the EB-5 program and the premise that you can buy an American Green Card by simply investing $500,000 or $1,000,000 we need to step back and realize that it is not simply investing the money into a project and magically you receive the status of Permanent Resident (Green Card) in the “good ole” USA.

Normally when the initial petition and supporting documents are submitted to the USCIS, it is shipped by the pound (often more than 12 inches in height!). There is the petition, the five-year business plan, econometrics study, Investor qualification evidence etc…

With this substantial investment by the foreign investor it is a shame that it is now taking approximately twenty months for USCIS to render a decision. Yes, the program does need revamping and hopefully a reduction in the backlog.

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