Immigration 2020

I have been involved in United States Immigration since 1971 when I began with the U.S. Border Patrol in Eagle Pass, Texas. I served with the Immigration Service for 30 years in various capacities until retirement in 2001. I have continued as a private Immigration Consultant since then amassing 49 years of experience.

During that period I thought I had seen everything but the past years and especially current happenings are beyond recognition. Even though It is extremely difficult to stay on top of the multitude of changes in the regulations, interpretations and/or policy. I believe we have maintained a high level of understanding and remained current on the nurmeous changes.

All through this we can navigate our way through the spider webs and continue to provide valuable service to those wishing to either visit or emigrate to the United States. Should you wish further information regarding your specific need, please reach out and contact us.