Initial Consultation Fees

In the present-day world of Immigration and Emigration the person(s) seeking visas are paying up to $350.00 just to have their case evaluated. If the person analyzing the individuals or family’s case finds them lacking and not able to qualify for a visa, the practitioner retains the consultation fee for about 40 minutes of work and sends the person away.

I believe an individual or even business deserves an initial consultation and evaluation without charge. Normally, an evaluation can be completed within one hour but of course some take longer, as you may have to wait on the individual’s documentation or a business’s documentation. This is a part of the service I believe should be a part of any attorney or consultants’ business model.

Even if the potential client is seeking employment based visas, Family based visas or investment visas, an evaluation can and should remain a free standard.

At Global American Emigration Advisors we provide a free initial consultation and analysis of your case and will honestly advise you if you qualify for the benefit you are searching for.

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