Global American Emigration Advisors are keen that all payments are transparent, fair and consistent. We make the following promises:

We work on Fixed Fees. We calculate fixed fees based upon an assessment of your case and once we understand your needs, we give you a quote. We stick to this quote unless you require additional services, not previously discussed, or some fact that was not previously disclosed means we must undertake more work than was originally agreed.

We do not expect this figure to change, but if it does we will contact you with full reasons as to why costs have increased.

You will be informed before making any payments to us of the grand total figure that will need to be paid and the hourly rate it is based upon.

Clients can pay in cash, bank transfer or through World Pay (Visa, MasterCard, American Express). Please click on link above to make payment directly to our Worldplay account.



Any request for a refund will be considered on a case by case basis and no refund will be available once the processes have begun. Initial consultation fees are not refundable.  A full refund of the contractual fee will be provided if a notice to discontinue is received in writing within 24 hours of the initial payment for contracted services.